Catalonia Today

Massive blaze in Dhaka kills 78 and injures 55

The flames from a fire which burned for over nine hours in the centre of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, have left at least 78 people dead, and hundreds more injured, with serious burns. The fire, in...


Vatican holds 3 day summit on sex abuse

The Vatican began an unprecedented three-day summit on sexual abuse of minors by members of the Catholic Church, yesterday. Demonstrators, including the families of past victims, and survivors of paedophilia...


Coast guard neo-Nazi arrested for terrorism

A lieutenant in the United States coast guard, who identifies himself as a “white nationalist” has been arrested, and a small arsenal of weapons discovered in his house. Police state he was going to...


Prior remains firm on refusal to exhume Franco

The prior of the Valley of the Fallen, where the remains of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco are buried, has reaffirmed his decision to ignore the bill passed by the Spanish Council of Ministers on the...

Catalonia at a standstill

More than 20 major motorways were closed by demonstrators and CDRs around the country, and two people were arrested in Tarragona


Social media to the rescue

The rebellion charge brought down by a tweet. The house of cards of the State prosecutor fell one by one as the various members of the former Catalan government made their declarations yesterday, doing...

United Kingdom

Honda announces UK departure to aggravate Brexit fears

The confirmation by company president Takahiro Hachigo yesterday that Honda will close its plant in Swindon in southwestern England in 2021 shook British politics within the context of the United Kingdom’s...

Turull and Romeva declare in court

Turull tells court Catalans are a “peaceful” people and that right to self-determination “fits within Constitution”


Universities need €42 million to cover deficits

The Catalan secretary of Universities and Research, Francesc Xavier Grau, yesterday acknowledged that the 2019 budget needs to be expanded by €72 million compared to last year in order to tackle the...